Blessings, lovely light being!

I’ll share with you an internal moment of transmutation that may contribute, with the process of transformation that we are experiencing as human beings. This is the link to my blog in English, translated by Jackie Yardena  where you can read this thought with illustrations, or you can just continue reading here.

Fear is darkness. In order to have light in a dark room, all that is needed is to turn on the light.
In the same manner in order to have clarity and vanish darkness, all we need to do is turn on the light of consciousness!

I breathe deep to awaken my inner light.

I notice that I feel calmer, then I go on an introspection to analyze what’s happening Internally.
Outside there is a collective histeria… The virus, the stock market, the oil, isolation, uncertainty…
Each and everyone protecting themselves, recommending precautions to safeguard their loved ones.

There is a lot of fear, and fear attracts danger.
With empathy and compassion I understand this and I completely shudder.
I send light and Divine Blessings, visualizing that they reach everyone in our planet, enlightening everyone’s internal light.

Creating fear has been a medium for those who wish to control the masses. They are fighting their last battles wanting to control the planet and feeding from dark vibrations.

It’s necessary to inhale light, peace, tranquility for a moment so we can see that under the obvious lays something greater happening, something luminous that the collective consciousness is not getting.

It’s happening at an accelerated pace, the collapse of the structures that comprise our society, which give shape to it, in all levels.

Being an astrologer I knew that the alignment of heavy energies in the sky were announcing something of this nature… In centuries something like this has not happened! The last two occasions that these conjunctions in Capricorn happened were around 1280 AC and 1520 AC, and on both occasions there where pandemics of the likes of the plague.
Now the cobid19.

Before the appearance of this virus I wonder what would happen with the movement of the starts in 2019 and 2020, what kind of domino effect would it get set in motion. Clearly a time of metamorphoric transformation for the whole planet.
What could be so powerful that could collapse all the systems that are not working on a global level,  that will make the new Consciousness resurface?

Knowing the stars, I know that the microcosm reflects the macrocosmos. I am able to transcend time, and look at any given moment the sacred geometry of the star patterns. Given this greater opportunity, intuitively I perceive potentialities and possibilities of what the stars could reflect. It is not possible to foresee what will happen. The consciousness at the moment ultimately determines the outcome, individually and collectively. Each and everyone of us perceives and experiments things our own way, and with our own particular point of view.

For the commencement of the Age of Aquarius, The New Earth and The New Human Being have been prophesied by several cultures. But for something new to surface, room needs to be made, space needs to open up within the old. This renaissance has been foreseen out of the collapse that we are experiencing in this moment, and this is not easy for humanity.

To the naked eye, even of those who dominate in circles of power, our way of living is not aligned with nature….
Since millennia!
And the accelerated rhythm of change makes more palpable this unbalance between opposites.
In the Yin and the Yang of nature, equilibrium exists. But the consciousness in 3d dimensional human beings has not known how to equilibrate the unbalances that we have caused to our planet.

What archaic belief systems and expired paradigms blind us to the Divine Natural Order?
How should the human consciousness be awakened so that we may live in harmony and peace, in synchronicity with the universal order, respecting one another, loving ourselves with such Divine love that  we include everyone in this Glorious loving space?

It is unbelievable that in this quantic era, something so small as a virus can change us all and be the detonator of the New Earth on the fifth dimension! There are no mistakes. Nothing is accidental. What if the forced isolation is our entrance into the cocoon so that eventually we can resurface like The New Humanity?

Life and death hold hands in one breath, and in between eternity we can be in a space beyond time. Everything colapses in the present moment. The “Now” becomes a commanding force.
Focalized between the future and the past, I fully enter in the present moment. The eternal wisdom of peace is here… Now!

What if many of us were born precisely to awaken and become illuminated in this critical moment as a contribution for the return of the universal order? Not all human beings came with this same purpose. However, it is no longer functional to follow the “order” that we have been following throughout centuries, since the industrial revolution, ¡and even before this! It might all have been started with the conceptualization of the dominion of the masculine over the feminine, and from there on, all the hierarchical systems stem from patriarchy: religions and other belief systems that have the intention to get closer to the natural order, but without successfully being able to dance at the point where Love and honor respect the Beingness of each and everyone of us, where we can feel the pain of others, that includes everyone in The One, each one with their own qualities and gifts contributing to the global well being.

How can we rejoice in an illuminated consciousness when many of us are lost in resentment and jealousy, making money and fame and “success”and the power systems “Godly”, while we compete and fight with each other instead of cooperating and contributing with one another?

If we view from a higher perspective, we might be aware that in order for something new to manifest, the old needs to colapse. From a fallen tree new life grows, from a burnt forest seeds burst open and flourish. From a volcano eruption, eventualy the soil becomes fertile. In thesame way, we will eventually rebuild the unfunctional systems that have been collapsing.

We know the birth of a baby is painful and bloody, and at times dangerous as well. The caterpillar inside the cocoon disintegrates so the imaginal Cells to awaken and the specific DNA activated to form what will become a butterfly with new abilities.

We are awakening the New Human, and the process is not easy. We may need to experiment the whole process that the caterpillar and the forest endure in their destruction in order to transmute. The limited ecological consciousness of the human being in 3D is in a transformational process. It is time for the New Human to flourisfh with a universal consciousness.
It is time! It is time!

Our human brain doesn’t not know how to do it, just like the caterpillar doesn’t know how to activate the butterfly it will beco. Nonetheless, looking from a global vision, we can help the collective by maintaining calmness and peace and by being bright beacons of lights for the ones that are lost in the ocean of fear, for those who are going through financial or health problems, for those who crash with one another without knowing that precisely those battles are the exercises that will help them find the equilibrium between opposites.

What if this colapse of structures will finally take us to the transformation of the systems and the evolution of  Consciousness that we so much desire and long for?

For Divinity there are no mistakes. Only experiences, and from this point of view, I realize that the anxiety I felt has shifted. It was my empathy the one that was perceiving the collective histeria in the face of the domino effect that the human brain tries to control and understand, with all its fears, as it tries to “ensure” survival.

I see the contrast between the Divine Knowingness that vibrates with certaintyand in absolute peace, contrasted with the anxious brain processes, which are uncertain, obsessiv, and fearful. Fear has transformed in bright light! I vibrate now in gratitude towards the whole process that’s taking place. I send blessings to the Earth, as if the planet were receiving all the Love between my hands. I see it like a Living Ball full of Light and Life, vibrating in Glorious consciousness.

I see Divinity penetrating and expanding throughout all levels. I feel profound peace and love emanating all through my body. I perceive health, joy and Divine Consciousness permeating, healing, transmuting and transforming with elevated vibrations of purple light, emerald light and gold light and the purity of the color white during this whole process of renewal inside the New Earth.

In profound gratitude I vibrate to infinity and throughout infinity a billion Thanks! thanks! thanks!

NAMASTE, honoring the divinity in you and in everything,

Gildy Bardavid



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